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Case Studies

Selling a property is often cited as being one of the most stressful processes that homeowners go through. Our aim is to help to make it less so. With great customer service being a priority in the way that we manage our business we are thrilled and proud to have recently won The 2022 Houzz award for customer service. 

We have worked with a range of different properties and clients and are extremely adept at tailoring our services and staging methods to suit the varied needs of our customers. 

From simple home styling jobs, breathing life into vacant spaces, or handling the difficult task of preparing a home for the market following bereavement; we stage to sell, with skill, with style and with sensitivity. 

Staging a refurbished and modernised property 

Space Stager services provided: Property Appraisal and Staging Plan, Furniture Rental, Staging and Styling 

This striking 5 bedroom, 1970's property, was fully refurbished and modernised by a nationally acclaimed architectural designer. The best elements of the original “Scandinavian” design had been painstakingly restored while simultaneously revolutionising the interior to enable modern open-plan living. Using a combination of contemporary and vintage design we fully furnished and styled the space to reflect the property's attributes. Not surprisingly, the property sold quickly for its full asking price.

Staging of an Empty Ex-rental Property 

Space Stager services provided: Property Appraisal and Staging Plan, Furniture Rental, Staging and Styling 

This two bedroom, riverside flat had been on the market for months when the owner contacted us.  She was considering reducing the price but opted to try staging first. In its unfurnished state it had received few viewings and no offers. The space consisted of an impressively large entrance area, two double bedrooms, a  small kitchen and a living room. Without furniture the living/social area felt too small for the property. The Spacestagers solution was to zone and dressed the entrance area to show its potential as a dining space. This instantly resolved the misconception that the flat only had a small sitting/dining area. Instead it benefitted from a spacious light filled living room that opened out onto a balcony at one end and a dining room at the other.

We organised for the property to be re-photographed and in its newly furnished and staged state, it sold within two weeks for the asking price.

"I can highly recommend Spacestagers.   I found them to be extremely helpful, obliging and kind, which is a rare thing these days. They simply “got on with it” collecting keys, putting in the staging and removing it whilst all the time keeping me fully informed of proceedings . As I was not able to visit the property it was important to know I could leave everything in their capable hands. I am very pleased I did." Terry Greenwood  

Staging of an Empty Ex-rental Property 

Space Stager services provided: Property Appraisal and Staging Plan, Cosmetic Carpentry Work, Furniture Rental, Staging and Styling 

The tenants had vacated this property and in the absence of any furniture or personal possessions the house lacked soul and was uninviting. The owners were keen to get the property on the market quickly whilst realising the need to maximise its appeal with minimum expenditure.  An empty room tends to look smaller than an appropriately furnished one and it is often hard for potential buyers to visualise their furniture in an empty space. Leaving the property unfurnished would have drawn attention to the possible restrictions of this compact living space. But with considered styling and size appropriate furniture and accessories we were able to demonstrate and prove its functionality and create a warm and homely atmosphere. Of particular concern was the ugly, dated electric fire. This was the main focal point in the room but would have been very costly and time consuming to replace. The Space Stager solution was to conceal the fire with a simple, removable cover and to create a built in seating area. Painting the brick surround and the varnished pine skirting boards and shelves helped to update the overall look of the space for minimum spend.

Marketed at £340,000, sold for £370,000 (a price increase of £30,000) 

"Sam and Alexa performed magic on our house! The house had been rented out for a while and felt tired and unloved when we needed to sell it. From the moment we met them, it was clear they understood  what we wanted. They were incredibly thoughtful about their suggestions, with an amazing eye for detail, and totally aware that we needed to do things on a really tight budget. It was obvious they cared about creating a space that was welcoming and inviting, and that didn't just have a staged 'clinical' feel. I was especially impressed by how some simple tweaks made such a huge difference to the feel of the house. After they had
finished the house felt brighter and bigger, and so lovely, that I was tempted to move back in! We had had quotes from a local estate agent before & after the staging and he couldn't believe it was the same house. We have had almost twenty viewings in the first couple of weeks, which is really encouraging, especially as we are trying to sell in a difficult climate, so fingers crossed we will be making a sale soon." 

Dani - CB1 Cambridge

Staging of a Property in Probate

Space Stager Services Provided: Property Appraisal and Staging Plan, Decluttering, Cleaning, Staging and Styling


With this property the owner had passed away and there were no family members living in the local area to manage the clearing and selling of the house. The owner had been a 'keen' collector of art and furniture and had stored his treasures in every available inch of space. After the family members had taken possession of any items of value that they wanted to keep we worked our magic with what remained. This entailed a good deal of decluttering, storing, cleaning and rearranging of furniture to ensure that the wonderful space could breathe and show itself to its best advantage. 

Prior to this property being staged it was valued at £400,000. The Space Stagers got to work, and the property went on the market for £530,000. It sold within three weeks for £540,000. A massive £140,000 more than it's un-staged valuation. 

I am an estate agent in Cambridge and was instructed by an out-of-area lawyer to sell a cluttered and dated 1960s house on the south side of the city. Sam and Alexa were excellent. They spent days carefully curating the contents, moved what they didn't need into the garage and set the house up to feel stylish, spacious and comfortable without buying a single thing. Before The Spacestagers got involved the solicitor had probate valuations as low as £400,000, but we ended up achieving £540,000, a fabulous result for relatively little money spent. Samuel Cooke

Staging of a Family Home

Space Stager Services Provided: Property Appraisal and Staging Plan, Decluttering, Reorganisation of Space, Product Sourcing, Styling

The owners of this property had extended their home but weren't actually benefiting from the extra living space. A combination of perceived lack of room, busy lives and a growing family meant that they were unsure if their home could still work for them or if they needed a larger property. It was immediately apparent to us that they had created a great space and just needed to be shown how to use it. We decluttered and reorganised the room functions, designed and commissioned built in storage, and finally sourced soft furnishings and accessories to compliment their existing furniture and to bring the look together. 

On completion of this project the owners realised that the space could actually work for them and they decided not to sell after all

"Sam and Alexa were confident from the start about what the space could become. We felt totally at ease with leaving them to work on their own in our home and absolutely love what they have done. Thanks!"

Nina and family CB2 Cambridge

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