Staging Services

Working with a range of different properties and circumstances, we have developed a comprehensive menu of services that can be tailored to fit each clients requirements.

Property appraisal & Home Staging Plan: This is the first step in the staging process. We like to really get to know the space; looking at everything from decoration and condition, room use and flow, furnishings, curb appeal, property value and location, staging budget and time frame. With this understanding, combined with our knowledge of Cambridge, we are able to create a step by step plan that will ensure that your property is dressed to sell, market ready and attracting a target demographic.
We pride ourselves on finding cost effective solutions and quick fixes to make your home ready to sell. Wherever possible we will demonstrate how you can work with your existing furniture and decor to increase the overall sales appeal of the property. 
Decluttering & Professional Organising: De-cluttering can be an overwhelming job for many clients. The longer that they have lived in their homes the worse it can be . We offer this service to help them get started with what we like to call the "prepack". They have to pack up anyway; we just nudge them along in a good way!
Repairing and Rejuvenating: We know the right person for the job! Whether it is a paint job, carpenter, plumber or electrician we can help you sort those niggles and fixes to ensure that your home looks cared for and well maintained.
Our address book of trusted trades people have their own terms and conditions and require payment independently of The Spacestagers "Pay on Sale" arrangement. 
Product Sourcing & Shopping: Someone has to do this and we are more than happy to take charge of this task and offer our professional shopping services. We pride ourselves on our ability to work wonders with our clients existing furniture and possessions; adding a few thoughtfully considered accessories or soft furnishings are often all it takes to bring a decorative scheme together and give a space a style boost. This is by far the most cost effective and environmentally friendly method of staging. 
We can shop for all cosmetic home decor/furnishings and minor renovation needs or we can pull together a look using a selection of pieces from our rental furniture and accessories range.
All items purchased or rented on a clients behalf must be paid for upfront and are not included in our "Pay on Sale" arrangement. 
Hands on Staging: This is when everything comes together and your home or property is 'Styled to sell'. First and last impressions count and so we make sure that potential buyers are not only enticed in but are also captivated by the story that is being told. We rearrange furniture, rehang art, attractively accessorise, style vignettes of interest, and create the right look for every client's target market. In a nutshell, we use our styling expertise to put the heart, soul and warmth into the space.  
Photos: Once we have finished staging the home and it looks fabulous we can work with your agent's photographer to ensure that the marketing photographs look as good as the actual space. If you are selling independently we can organise a photo shoot and provide you with professional photos to use in marketing the property.
Move-in Services: We know what an exhausting job selling can be so we provide our clients with a special "move-in" service. We know how they like to live, so who better to set them up in their new home? We depersonalised their property for selling, now we can personalise their new home.