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Our Styling Service

Here at The Spacestagers we love the Old English origin of the word home, deriving from the word ham and meaning “a gathering of many souls” as it reflects our own understanding of the emotional impetus that differentiates a home from a property.

Your home should embody your heart and soul, reflecting both your personality and your functional requirements. 

Our task, as interior stylists, is to create spaces that achieve this and make you feel, at home, in your home. We are adept at working with and enhancing, existing furnishings to provide cost-effective (and environmentally conscious) solutions. Through creative styling, design flair, and practical advice, we focus on bringing out the very best for your home. 

Restyling your home, needn’t cost a fortune! 

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Our Styling Process

Property appraisal & Home Staging Plan:

We like to really get to know both you and the space; looking at everything from decorative taste, room use, furnishings, budget and time frame. Once we understand your requirements we create a step-by-step plan that will ensure that your home reflects your individuality.
We pride ourselves on finding cost-effective solutions and quick fixes. Working with your existing furniture and decor to increase the overall appeal of the property. 

Decluttering & Professional Organising:

De-cluttering is possibly one of the most procrastinated over and neglected aspects of interior styling, yet the rewards can be immense, both visually/aesthetically and mentally. We start the process by assessing the areas that need to be tackled and discussing the organisational methods and systems that will fit your needs. We then, either work alongside you, lending a supporting hand, or we take full control of the task and get you to sign off on completion.

Repairing and Rejuvenating:

We know the right person for the job! Whether it is a decorator, carpenter, plumber or electrician we can help you sort those niggles and fixes to ensure that they are put right again.

Product Sourcing & Shopping:

We are more than happy to take charge of this task and offer our professional shopping services. We pride ourselves on our ability to work wonders with our client's existing furniture and possessions; adding a few thoughtfully considered accessories or soft furnishings are often all it takes to bring a decorative scheme together and give a space a style boost. This is by far the most cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of staging. We can shop for all cosmetic home decor/furnishings and minor renovation needs.

Hands-on Styling:

This is when everything comes together; we rearrange furniture, rehang art, attractively accessorize, style vignettes of interest, and create the right look for you. In a nutshell, we use our styling expertise to put the heart, soul and warmth into your space. 

Relax and Enjoy:

Enjoy your new space.


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